Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mindfire Solutions – Serving your diverse IT application development needs since 10 years.


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I am Surya. My role is that of Business Development and sustained customer relationship at Mindfire Solutions. I love to get in touch with people and am most active in Facebook.

Mindfire is a leading India based IT Software services provider with its offering portfolio encapsulating a wide spectrum of IT consulting and services. Our esteemed clients are present in US, UK, Australia and other parts of the globe.

Our service offerings range from conception of the idea, design, development, implementation to independent testing, support and maintenance. Since the last 10 years, the company has been actively involved in development projects related to the below mentioned skill domains:
  • Web development India - ColdFusion, SharePoint, PHP, Java, ASP.Net, Perl, Python, RoR, Lasso, DotNetNuke, Google API
  • Mobile application development India – iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME, Palm, Brew, Windows Mobile
  • Database and Client-server – Servoy, SQL Server, 4D, FileMaker, Progress, COBOL, FoxPro, Access, SSIS
  • Plug-in development India – Acrobat, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, QuarkXpress, Maya, MS Office Add-in
  • Reports/BI development India – Pentaho, Crystal, Jasper, SSRS, SSAS
  • Automated and QA Testing India
  • Desktop Development – Windows VB, Windows .Net, MacOS Classic, Carbon & Cocoa
  • Microsoft Dynamics & Others – NetSuite, Dynamic RMS, Access SQL-Server, Mac, Adobe, Enterprise
With this broad range of skill sets Mindfire Solutions has successfully served businesses across varied industry verticals including IT Services, HealthCare, Insurance, Logistics, Mobile, Publishing, Construction, Education and others.

I would be delighted to talk to you to hear about any specific projects you have within your sales, customer services, marketing departments or IT backlog in order to find out if our application development skills could be a great fit. Please let me know when would be a good time to talk. You can send me an email to discuss or chat.

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Suryakantb [at] mindfiresolutions dot com
Twitter id - mfssuryakant

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Content Management: Where are we heading?

Content Management has been given a new dimension these days with organizations changing their approach more towards “Collaboration” and “Social Networks”. These fresh steps, have been very much influential in recent days with employees as well as organizations getting more and more involved into it making human management of content relatively easier.

Looking into the history, as to how our ancestors used to manage contents when they did not even have computers at their disposal. They still managed to excel in what they did. The invention of writing, creation of papyrus (paper based portable document format), collection of books into libraries
once pages have been assembled for it, hand-written index cards (by title/author), categorization with subject headings etc did start the new era in content management.

If we fast forward the progress which civilization made over the centuries, we would soon arrive at the computerised era where people live 45% of the day in front of a computer. With the advent of computers into industries and the quick advancement in computer softwares, it did change the scenario of Content Management Systems everywhere. It even changed quiet remarkably with innovative content management frameworks. Organizations had the option to choose their own CMS on the framework which they felt comfortable with. Technology has been very much supportive to almost every industry/user by meeting their ever changing demands.

Now-a-days the kingdom of Collaboration and Social Networks have been sighted out to be handy for Content Management. The profound usage of blogs, wikis and discussions on social networking platforms such as Facebook, and various other forums have defined this new era of CMS in terms of Social Networks. Basing on this, various corporations have started opting for collaborative partners with content-related products portfolio offerings. Many vendors dealing with Enterprise Content Management have shifted their preference towards social networking software making as a result of this drive. Technological advances and innovative ideas would definitely bring in more and more areas to explore in the near future.

Is this an effort to meet the demand created by the users for Collaboration and Social Networks? Or Is this change in user behavior and market due to the evolution of technology? My understanding says that user behavior changes as there are alterations in their environment in which they live in. Express Yourself!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Specs vs Brand: Which one would you prefer ?

Smartphones are getting handy these days with more and more people queuing to buy one of them. While Apple's i-phone, was having the maximum market share in the smartphone category, the inclusion of others like Motorola Droid and Palm Pre in the race will be an interesting catch for the buyers.

Well, if we consider the specifications which all of them carry, it looks to me as if Apple's i-phone and Motorola Droid will be competitors of the future leaving behind Palm Pre in the race. If the price factor is taken into account, Palm Pre could be considered.

Talking about the features of Apple i-phone and Motorola Droid, one is better than the other in many categories. While i-phone has battery life of 5hrs, Motorola Droid has 6.4hrs but standby for i-phone is 300hrs whereas Motorola Droid is 270hrs. Apple i-phone has 3.0 megapixel camera but, Motorola Droid has 5 megapixel camera instead. Nevertheless, i-phone has an edge here as it provides editing of videos. Looking at the number of applications i-phone is way ahead than Motorola Droid but, Motorola Droid do provide multitasking which i-phone is not capable of. To have a look at the specifications click on the link (;col1).

While speaking about brands, my assumption is that most of the buyers would opt for Apple's i-phone over Motorola Droid or Palm Pre. Even, I would go for an i-phone if I had to buy one. But, we cannot ignore the fact that, both the competitors of Apple's i-phone have done a considerably good job to drive the attention of the potential buyers towards them by understanding the market demand and the consumer behaviour.

So, it will be a very exciting scenario of the market in the near future to watch, as to, Whose way the pendulum swings? The choice is all yours. Which one would you go for? Specs or Brands?